Paris music venue, Bataclan, reopens with iconic guest a year after terror attack

It was a night that many will never forget, and many more didn’t survive. One year ago terrorist attacked Paris and stormed the Bataclan Theatre during a concert and opened fire. There were 89 people killed at the Bataclan when the terrorist fired into the 1500 strong crowd, and a 130 people died in the city-wide attack in total.

A year later and the Bataclan is going to open its doors again with a one of a kind concert. Legendary artist Sting will be the first act to take the stage since the tragic events of that November 13 night. In a statement from Sting, the singer said that the concert was meant to honour the memory of those who lost their lives or were injured that night. He stated a need to celebrate “the life and music this historic theatre represents.”

Many have come out to celebrate the decision to reopen the venue and praise Sting for being the first out of the gate. There will be heightened security going into the event as well as there are still many worried about the threat of another attack.

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@theofficialsting talked to M80 Radio about the attack in Bataclan after knowing it'll reopen. As I've informed before, Sting will perform there on 12th November, the 1st performer since its closing last year. The words are circling fast, many articles and medias instantly talk about this, so better get ready to get your tickets on 8th November! . Sting will be featured in an interview with Oui fm on 10th November, don't forget to tune in, there's a chance to win Sting's Studio Collection Boxset! Ah, and check out this article of Sting on Le Point magazine shared by listing on this link: . Read Sting's newly-published interview with Toronto Sun's Mark Daniell. He talked about a lot of interesting things, from 57th&9th, why he chose the rock sound for 57th&9th, about the time he left The Police, etc. One of the conversation is as follow: >> Daniell: I skipped school to see you. >> Sting: There you go. I wouldn’t have approved that as a school teacher, you know. Read the whole interview on this link: . Another interesting Q&A with Sting by Sean Woods (Men's Journal), titled "Life Advice from Sting". He talked about the best advice he got, his motivation, meditation, broken band and marriage, fame, legacy, etc. Very interesting and thoughtful (really is good 'life advice'). So read it here: . Anyway, heard an info that Sting will be on a TV show in Berlin on 17th November (performing song). Don't know which TV yet or what song he gonna play.. Let's see what will come up about that 😉 . P.S. have you seen the photo @theofficialsting posted on Graham Norton? What a line up! Dr.Who 😆 . #thepolice #sting #stewartcopeland #andysummers #band #music #70s #80s #m80radio #france #lebataclan #bataclan #ouifm #interview #torontosun #toronto #mensjournal #berlin #57thand9th

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