Outraged protestors halt popular dolphin show on the Gold Coast

Spectators to the Gold Coast’s Sea World Dolphin Show got more than they expected yesterday as protesters jump in front with signs.

The protesters were condemning Sea World for their treatment of the dolphins and told the audience how this was not natural or kind to the beloved sea creatures.  The crowd reacted with boos, and one spectator rushed the protesters and ripped the signs from their hands.

Security was brought in, and the protestors were thrown out of the park.  At this time Sea World has not pressed charges against the protesters.  They issued a statement about the incident saying, “Sea World is very proud of its world class exhibits including some of the largest filtered natural sand bottom lagoon systems in the world for dolphins”.  They added, “The health and wellbeing of our animals is of the utmost priority, and we have a strong reputation for caring for marine animals with a health and welfare programme designed to promote a long, enriched life.”

While the company itself is taking a very calm PR approach, the company’s General Manager, Bikash Randhawa is not being so kind about the ordeal.  He lashed out at the media and the protesters on Twitter saying, “Misinformed and uneducated, these folks, complete rubbish”.  He then added, “this is no protest it is a #joke does not deserve this attention”.

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What do you think?  Do you think Sea World treats their wildlife humanely?  Or do you think the protestors are right and should be heard?

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