One over 60's perspective on the Intergenerational Report...

This is a poem sent in today by Val about an over 60s take on the Intergenerational Report… 

My years are totting up
So quickly as the years roll around
But I’m glad I am the age I am
Or work for me would be found

I read that Bunnings employ
Staff if they’re  fifty plus
But Hockey’s raised the bar
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And now seventy is a ‘must’
So will there be more like Bunnings
To show a welcome to the aged
As the Federal Government insists
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Older ones can earn a wage
Who’ll cast aside their walking frames
And shine up their spectacles
And cancel their bingo membership
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(Lots of things will be overhauled)
And practice smiling again
If that smile’s turned to a glower
And realise time’s meaningful
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Now work ‘s part of those hours
But I need’nt worry
About that  missive in the mail
Telling me to rally
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Causing me to quail
‘Cos yippee I’m well past that
And I can still draw that stipend
And know that I’ll receive it
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Right up to the very end
Is this how you feel too? Share your thoughts in the comments below…