One of the world's biggest celebrities 'age shamed' for her hands

SInger Madonna has been shamed by the media for looking old.

She’s one of the world’s most outspoken celebrities and has been in the spotlight for years, but now Madonna is making headlines not for her music but for her hands.

A picture of the singer at an event has sparked dozens of newspaper and online articles with journalists jumping up and down to point out how “old” Madonna’s hands look.

While it’s true the difference between her hands and face are strikingly different given the work she’s had done up top, the enthusiasm with which the media took to pointing this out got us wondering they think there’s anything wrong with “looking old” in the first place.

The Daily Mail wrote, “Madonna was ultimately unable to disguise her 58 years while watching the UFC fight in New York this weekend, as in showing off her collection of rings she revealed her aging hands.”

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While the NY Daily News splashed the photo across their pages with the caption: “Madonna’s hands did all the talking during her attendance at the UFC 205 event at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 12, 2016.”

It’s obvious to anyone who flips open a magazine or turns on the TV that women are often deemed less beautiful as they age, no matter what their accomplishments, while men are still held in high esteem.

So whatever your views on Madonna, is it ok for the media to ‘age shame’ her?

It’s a sore point for many women – particularly over 60s – who find that has they get older they feel more invisible as they lose their ‘youthful glow’.

There is so much emphasis on looking young that us oldies can sometimes feel pushed aside or left behind – in all aspects of life too – work, love, media, and more.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think women are unfairly judged as they age?