One Nation wants a new TV channel for "real" Australians

First speeches in Parliament have been used for a myriad of different topics from national security to financial reform. When new One Nation Senator Brian Burston got to speak he used his time to pitch for a new TV channel.

Brian believes that Australians are calling out for a new channel that would better represent the “identity of mainstream Australians” and “fight bias” at the ABC. It has already been dubbed the “Patriotic Broadcasting Corporation”.

In a wild speech, Brian also attacked the current Government’s immigration policy and push for “aggressive multiculturalism” that he believes the cause for rising violence in Australia. Brian also believes that parts of the “White Australia Policy” got it right as “discrimination helped preserve domestic peace”.

Brian’s attack on the ABC and SBS claimed that there was a “cultural Marxist takeover” of the television networks in the 1960s. He added “Almost 50 years later, there is not one conservative program or anchor on the ABC. Not one, in a billion-dollar enterprise”.

The speech continued with Brian saying, “The ABC long ago abandoned any semblance of patriotism or even balance. Other taxpayer-funded media – SBS and NITV – serve immigrants and indigenous Australians.

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“All three broadcasters are biased against mainstream Australia. They distort Australian political culture and support aggressive political multiculturalism.”

Brian then turned his sights on the immigration policies saying Australia is being “swamped” by immigrants and is only adding to the problems of violence and unrest in the country. He said, “This crisis is not caused by white racism. It is not caused by Christian intolerance. It is caused by Liberal and Labor governments colonising Australia, aided and abetted by political correctness.

“One Nation does not advocate racially selective immigration but does seek to minimise cultural incompatibility, evident in the case of Islamic immigration.”

What do you think? Do you believe that the ABC is biased? Do you think that a new channel would represent you better? Do you think that Brian is just trying to shock his way into the headlines or that he has a point?