Noisy kids in pub sparks war over what's appropriate behaviour

An article has appeared this week which has cause some significant debate on social media, and, like many debates today, it was about a mother judging another mother’s parenting. But in this one, many are saying that the author of the piece, or the original complainant is in the wrong. 

The article, published on Kidspot on Tuesday was written by a mum, Donné Restom, who took her children out to dinner at a pub, and was offended by the actions of another woman’s children which “ruined” her night and caused her to have to take her children home. 

Children in restaurants, pubs, and cafes are already a pretty contentious issue; some people think they should be seen and not heard, others think they should only be out at certain times and in certain establishments, and others don’t think restaurants or cafes are a place for children at all. 

So, at this point you’re point you’re probably thinking the other woman’s children were running around wreaking havoc, and spoiling dinner for the author’s family. 

It turns out however, that the author’s annoyance came about because the other children were sitting quietly at their own table, playing with their iPads. 

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“My initial reaction was to judge – and judge harshly – the woman that brought those screens into the pub,” she wrote.  

“‘Stop it!’ I screamed in my head. ‘Stop dulling your children with these f**king devices just because it’s easier! In the short term those screens may quieten our children, they’ll sit still and behave and eat dinner without a fight. But they’re not present or engaged AT ALL. You’re turning them into zombies because it’s an easy way out. STOP!'”

Restom said that her children, who had been running to and fro from their table to the pub’s play area, became distracted by the iPads, and she was forced to continually go over and drag them away, resulting in tantrums from her children, and eventually having to leave.

Readers of the article were almost unanimously on the side of the woman whose children were watching iPads quietly.

“That was infuriating to read. You are the problem in this story,” one Facebook commenter wrote.

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“Glad I’m not the only one that thought so. My son is autistic and we take his iPod with him to places like this so he can zone out and calm his mind. How dare another parent judge someone like this when it is her and her kids that are distracting the other family that could be like mine,” wrote another.

“I think YOU are the one who needs to control your children, not the lady with the girls sitting down.”

What do you think? Would you prefer quiet children on iPads, or children running back and forth if you’re out for dinner? Or perhaps are you on the side of no children at all?