New twist in Baden-Clay murder case gives no rest to family

Baden-Clay murder case: No rest for Allison yet as the court goes back and forth with appeals and counter appeals. Photo: YouTube (Naomi Aomatsu).

There is no rest for Allison Baden-Clay who was found dead under a bridge. Her husband Gerard reported her missing from their Brookfield home, in Brisbane’s west, but it was later tragically discovered that he had played a part in her death.

Although a jury had convicted the former real estate agent of murder in 2014, the Court of Appeal downgraded it to manslaughter in December angering many. His lawyers argued he could have unintentionally killed his wife.

Now, Queensland’s Director of Public Prosecutions has heard another appeal, this time against the downgrading. The High Court will hand down its decision over whether to return Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder conviction over his wife Allison’s 2012 death, next week.

The Crown argued in front of five High Court judges that Baden-Clay was calculating and cold-blooded and had a motive for murder.

However, his lawyers argued that Allison could have been killed accidentally in an explosive argument.

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Allison was found under this bridge. Photo: YouTube (Naomi Aomatsu).
Baden-Clay murder case: Allison was found under this bridge. Photo: YouTube (Naomi Aomatsu).

Whether or not Allison’s family will travel to Canberra for the hearing on Wednesday at 10:15am, it is not known.

Allison’s cousin Jodie Dann said she just wanted the ordeal to be over, “We are hoping it might be a positive result and then the process will be finalised hopefully,” she said to ABC News.

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“We need to be able to move on once all of this is over whether it goes either way it will be over one way or another.

“It has been a long road four years is so long and we just want Allison to rest in peace with justice.”

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