New push for more male nurses and teachers in Australia

One group is calling for more men in the industry.

We’re used to hearing calls for more equality for women, but now the tables are being turned with a government group setting block quotas for hiring men in schools and hospitals.

Australia’s Workforce Gender Equality Agency says we need more men to take on roles as nurses and teachers and hope this is the way to do it.

Many traditionally male dominated industries now have block quotas for women to make sure companies are giving the opposite sex a fair go.

However, they have been met with a lot of criticism by people who say it shouldn’t be about your sex, but how suitable you are for the job.

So will the same thing happen with men?

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A lot of over sixty women were teachers or nurses for most of their lives and while some of them think having more men around is a good idea, others aren’t so sure.

For many, filling the block quota is the issue, as they say you could end up with men who don’t have the right temperament in the roles.

Others think it’s a good idea to have more men in the classroom as they can be a positive male influence, and those working in hospitals are often needed if a situation with a patient becomes difficult.

Libby Lyons, who is the director of the agency, says having more male teachers will help break down boundaries for young boys and create a more equal society going forward.

“Until we encourage more men into teaching we’re not going to see little boys feel more secure and thrive as we do little girls,” Ms Lyons told the Telegraph.

“There’s no diversity of thought or innovation happening there in the classroom if we are solely relying on females, particularly in primary school.”

Do you think we need more male teachers and nurses? Is a block quota the way to go, or should it be based on merit?