New Australia Day lamb ad tackles PC madness with song

MLA lamb australia day
This year's lamb ad features a song-and-dance number. Source: Youtube/WeLoveOurLamb

It’s that time of year again. The annual Australia Day lamb ad is here and it’s got people fired up.

This year’s edition of the now-iconic advert, sees neighbours squaring off in a West Side Story-inspired song and dance act about the left versus right side of politics.

“If you’re right you’re right about every single issue, the left can go cry,” sings the conservative pack.

“If you’re a left you stick up for the little guy — I mean person — we’re all equal no one left behind,” shoot back the left. Shimmying and shaking, the right exclaim: “If you’re a right you think equal rights are wrong. It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Global warming’s a lie, it’s BS that we won’t buy.”

An indignant left fires back: “The ice caps are melting, the seas are rising, we’re find your ignorance very surprising.” While the right sings: “Stop with your constant political correctness, now we can’t even celebrate Christmas.”

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The two groups eventually unite as one when they’re offered a plate of lamb, singing together, “we never lamb alone”.

While the ad has gained a reputation for being cutting edge and hilarious in the past, this year’s version missed the mark for many Aussie.

“Amazing work from the lamb council people finally making an ad that everyone can hate equally,” one man wrote sarcastically on Twitter.

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“I just watched the terrible lamb ad and I think I’m a raw vegan now,” said another. “First impression of the Lamb ad. Kinda cringey,” added one woman. 

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“I love this year’s lamb ad. I’m sorry,” one fan said. While another agreed, “It wouldn’t be January in Australia without a few wankers having a whinge about the new lamb ad.”

Meat and Livestock Australia, who create the advert every year, defended their efforts. “MLA has today launched its annual summer Lamb campaign which this year features singing, dancing and celebrating the one thing all Australians can agree on – Australian Lamb,” they wrote alongside the video on social media. Building on the long established We love our Lamb brand position of unity and inclusivity, the new integrated campaign inspires people to put aside their differences, big and small, and come together over.”

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Last year’s version of the ad was a hit with cameos from Australian personalities and sporting stars including Olympic gold medallist Cathy Freeman, NRL player Greg Inglis, model Samantha Harris, and Greek transgender comic Jordon Raskopoulos.

The tongue-in-cheek ad tackled multiculturalism in Australia and got the tick of approval from most fans.

What do you think of this year’s version of the lamb ad? Yay or nay?