NASA's footage of the sun is more mesmerising than a lava lamp

In space, the sun always shines, and even while earthlings sleep, the NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory is watching. Today the sun is the star in its own right, with the release of this absolutely mesmerising video that has gone viral around the world.

Each minute of footage takes NASA filmmakers ten hours to produce. Each flare is captured in stunning detail in ultra-high definition video and we can, for the first time appreciate the utterly amazing nature of our very own star.

The full 30 minutes of footage is simply breathtaking, you won’t believe the variety of colours and endless movement, and all set to a stunning soundtrack.

The NASA team wrote this almost poetic description of the video:

It’s always shining, always ablaze with light and energy. In the ubiquity of solar output, Earth swims in an endless tide of particles. Every time half of the Earth faces the Sun, we experience the brightness of daytime, the Sun’s energy and light driving weather, biology and more. But in space, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) keeps an eye on our nearest star 24/7.

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SDO captures images of the Sun in 10 different wavelengths, each of which helps highlight a different temperature of solar material.

In this video we experience images of the Sun in unprecedented detail captured by SDO. Presented in ultra-high definition video (4K) the video presents the nuclear fire of our life-giving star in intimate detail, offering new perspective into our own relationships with grand forces of the solar system.


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