Movie 'prank' scares up some hilarious reactions

While the horror movie Rings might be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly has gained the attention of just about everyone online through its hilarious prank promotion.

The basic premise of Rings is a reboot of sorts for a classic Japanese horror film where people watch a mysterious video and seven days are visited by a killer ghost. The ghost usually enters the victim’s house through their television or computer screen. What better way to promote the film than making this happen for real?

Special Effects crews used the television section of a electronics store to set up a special TV that’s screen would quickly remove to allow an actress dressed as the ghost to crawl through and scare the customers.

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This isn’t the first time that a trick like this has been used to promote a film. In 2013 to promote the horror film remake of Carrie, a film about a girl with telekinesis, special effects crews built a purpose built café to play a trick on unsuspecting customers. The video went viral with some people thinking they saw the “real thing.”

The power of the internet.

What do you think about these stunts? What would your reaction be if they played one of these on you?