Monica Lewinsky pens article about Prince Harry and cheating men

monica lewinsky
The former White House intern has spoken out.

Monica Lewinsky has praised Prince Harry for speaking openly about his mental health and revealed her thoughts on male celebrities owning up to their marital indiscretions.

The 43-year-old penned an article for Vanity Fair and wrote about the changing face of the male persona and how the prince and other prominent men were making it okay to be vulnerable.

Lewinsky said it was refreshing to see singer Beyonce’s husband, rapper Jay-Z, openly admit to cheating on her as it’s “not uncommon for men” for deny being unfaithful.

Her pointed remarks come years after Bill Clinton denied his affair with her and only confessed when faced with impeachment hearings.

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“Jay-Z had a choice,” she wrote. “Having been called out publicly by his wife … Jay-Z knew that his fans wouldn’t have blinked if his next album skimmed past the allegations.”

She continued: “That’s not uncommon for men to do … But, instead, he chose a path of candour that will—like Brad’s [Pitt] and Prince Harry’s—move the conversation forward and help others.”

Lewinsky, who works as an anti-bullying advocate, also praised Prince Harry for speaking openly about his battles with mental health, writing: “such openness is the way forward, that it is precisely this kind of emotional transparency that will help connect the younger royals, more realistically, to the contemporary British public.”

She said the prince was helping make it more acceptable for men to admit when they are struggling and come forward to face their feelings.

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Lewinsky has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since the media chaos that surrounded her in the late 90s.

She now works as an anti-bulling and social activist.

What do you think of Lewinsky’s words here? Do you agree with her?