Mirren and Clooney voted sexiest celebrities over 50

According to a recent poll Helen Mirren has been named the sexiest female celebrity aged over 50.

Mirren who is 68 won 25% of the vote and beat her younger colleagues of Michelle Pfeiffer (24%), Demi Moore (23%), Kim Basinger (17%) and Sharon Stone (16%).




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We love the fact that Helen Mirren has been recognised in this way proving that you can be sexy over 60. She really cemented her sex symbol reputation a few years ago when she snapped by a photographer wearing a red bikini on a beach in Italy and the pictures went round the world.

George Clooney was voted the sexist male celebrity with 39% of votes ahead of Johnny Depp (32%), Colin Firth (24%), Pierce Brosnan (18%) and Bruce Willis (13%).

Among the names said to have aged the worst were Madonna and Rocky star Sylvester Stallone.

Do you agree? Who do you think is the sexist celebrity over 50?