Michelle Obama's changing White House tradition

Michelle Obama’s shown her passion for women’s right and women’s issues during her eight years in the White House.

And now the First Lady is taking it to another level.

She’s reportedly implemented a new rule in the White House that’s earned her the praise of the founder of Spanx (you know the American women’s underwear company).

So, what’s the new rule?

Well, Michelle is breaking with White House tradition and allowing female guests to take off their heels if they have sore feet.

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News of the rule change was revealed by Spanx founder Sarah Blakely at the recent Variety’s Power of Women event in Los Angeles.

Blakely recalled how during a visit to the White House she bonded with Michelle Obama over her sore feet.

“I stood in line at an event and they allowed us to get one-on-one photo with Michelle Obama,” she told Footwear News.

“I waited in the line so long that by the time I finally got up to Michelle Obama, I literally burst out, ‘My feet are killing me’ and she goes ‘Girl, my feet are killing me too.’

“I asked if I can take my shoes off and she said, ‘Yes, and do you can tell anyone who tells you to put them back on that Mrs Obama said you can take them off'”

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In the end Blakely was allowed to carry Christian Louboutin heels in her hands for the night at the White House.

She said she was thrilled the First Lady could relate to her foot pain.

“The First Lady and I bonded over sore feet,” she said.

What do you think of Michelle Obama’s rule change?  Would you take your shoes off if your feet hurt at the White House?