Michelle Obama leaves the crowd laughing at Christmas event

The first lady has made an entertaining appearance in Washington.

First lady Michelle Obama has made the day of dozens of young patients at the Children’s National Health System in Washington DC after arriving with her adorable dogs Sonny and Bo to read Christmas stories and answer their most pressing questions.

Michelle was joined by presenter Ryan Seacrest with the pair sitting in front of a giant Christmas tree to read ‘Twas a Night Before Christmas to the attentive crowd.

With Sonny and Bo at her feet, Michelle made sure to put on all the voices for the story book and seemed to be in her element keeping the young patients enthralled and hanging on her every word.

After the story was over, she took questions from the crowd with some of the kids wanting to know what she got the president for Christmas and what her favourite thing to do in winter is.

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While she hinted that she had got her husband a musical gift this year, she also revealed her favourite thing to do in winter is go skiing because no one can get near her!

“When I’m skiing, that’s, like, one of the few places in the winter where I feel free. Because nobody can take a selfie with you when you’re skiing down a mountain, no matter how [hard they try],” she joked.

“Some are really good, but they generally can’t whip out the phone and catch you when you’re going down. So skiing for me is like golfing to the President.”

She left the children in a fit of giggles after a question about whether or not Sonny and Bo had been naughty or nice this year.

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“They were very nice. You see how patient they are. And I told you, they are excellent ambassadors,” she said. “They are very good. And Sonny has stopped running to the end of the hall and pooping. She hasn’t done that all year. That was a naughty thing she was doing for a couple of years,” leaving the youngsters laughing.

Michelle has appeared at the hospital every year since becoming first lady to read to the children and spend time with them at a time of year that isn’t as happy for them as it is for everyone else.

Do you think it’s important to give back and be charitable at this time of year? Are you a fan of Michelle Obama?