Melbourne student reveals reasons for defecating on school property

The school is one of the most prestigious in the state.

Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School has been in a bit of a sticky situation since the beginning of the year and they’ve only just been informed of the real reason.

In February, someone began leaving faeces in several bathrooms and this wasn’t a simple case of forgetting to flush; the droppings were purposely positioned near the sinks and on the floors.

The actions are part of a protest about the South Melbourne state school’s approach to education, according to an open letter from the offender.

The letter, discovered near another piece of excrement and published on, rails against Mac.Robertson and says that the faeces is symbolic of their teaching practices.

“THIS IS MY PROTEST,” the letter begins. “I know I have resorted to the most extreme method to make a symbolic point but you NEVER listen to student voice.

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“We all know you’re not going to do anything, but at least my behaviour has punished the school for what it has done.

“The teachers are sh*t, so I have left symbolic droppings of what the education is like at this school. CRAP!!!”

The student goes on to name one teacher in particular, calling him “highly incapable” and demanding that he “be made redundant”.

The student claims this teacher teaches her absolutely nothing, and that she goes home and learns the subject matter herself.

“I don’t get the same opportunities my peers do. I am poor,” the letter continues. “My family doesn’t have the kind of money to pay for tuition.”

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It seems this is not the first time the student has made a complaint about this teacher, as she says the school can “call me a bully like last time”.

According to, the principal of Mac.Robertson says she is “aware of a student who was dissatisfied and we’ve reached out to offer her support and address her concerns”.

However, other students point out that the writer of the note was simply asked to come forward at an assembly on Monday.

A similar letter was allegedly distributed to the school earlier this year, but it didn’t gain the same traction. Many students are said to agree with the letter, reiterating the fact that teachers aren’t helpful and the school’s impressive ranking is a result of self-driven learning.

What do you think of this protest?