Mariah Carey's Christmas hit gives an astounding yearly gift to her

No matter what type of year Mariah Carey has there is one thing that she can count on to lift her spirits. A nice royalty cheque when Christmas comes along.

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In 1994 Mariah Carey’s Christmas song All I Want For Christmas is You rocketed up the charts and has become a regular Christmas anthem ever since. The amount that she actually gets per year for the one song is pretty amazing.

For her musical gift that keeps on giving, Mariah nets over $650,000 in royalties! The source for this information is and their Christmas Song Royalty Calculator. They also claimed that the WHAM! Christmas classic Last Christmas brings George Michael and company over $525,000. Sir Cliff Richard also gets a nice Christmas present of almost $100,000 for his holiday hit Mistletoe and Wine.

Of course, this site is a bit of fun and includes the disclaimer “Whilst our boffins are super clever and know their pop, this is still our opinion and our own calculation based on an algorithm that we have devised. Whilst we think it’s pretty accurate there’s a significant chance that it’s completely wrong! Don’t shoot the messenger…”

Can’t shoot the messenger if it gives us another excuse to listen to this festive feast for the ears!

What’s your favourite Christmas song?