Madonna and Debbie Harry walk the red carpet in wacky outfits

Music icons Madonna and Debbie Harry have walked the red carpet.

The annual Billboard Music Awards are underway in the US and while plenty of celebrities walked the red carpet it was Madonna and Debbie Harry who caused the biggest stir.

The two eighties music icons squared off in front of the cameras in two of their most out there outfits yet.

Both wore suits embellished with all kinds of decorations and plenty of “crazy” accessories.

Madonna chose an embroidered suit with animals and flowers all over it, along with something scrawled in Russian along her shoulders.

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She paired it with a big bow around her neck, which she used as a necklace and some sky-high heels.

Debbie was up next with a black suit covered in wooden beads and a bright maroon shirt underneath.

She skipped the heels, going for flats instead, and accessorised with some pretty cool looking shades instead.

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At 71, Debbie is still rocking and while most people tend to wind down their risky style choices as they age, she doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all and has embraced growing old naturally while still keeping her unique flare.

Madonna has copped a whole lot of flak over her revealing outfit choices in the past and just this week was told to “act her age” by Piers Morgan after she appeared in a video dancing and shaking her butt at the camera.

But while many are quick to criticise the ladies, others say they’re just showing off how cool people in their sixties and beyond can be.

Not everyone is convinced though, with some over sixties saying you can be cool without dressing like that.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the ladies? Or is their style too out there?