Lisa Wilkinson’s husband launches new push for republic

Peter appeared on the Today show to make his case.

Journalist Peter FitzSimons has launched a new push for Australia to ditch the Queen and become a republic, giving a passionate plea on television this morning.

While Lisa stayed off camera for the interview, Peter spoke with her co-host Sylvia Jeffries and said it’s time for Australia to make a change.

The Australian Republic Movement has a new ad out spruiking the idea, which shows people singing ‘God Save the Queen’.

“The times they have changed. We no longer know those words, we’ve moved on we’re in the 21st century,” said Peter.

The debate over whether or not Australia should become it’s own republic has been popping up quite a lot lately, with both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten openly stating their support for the idea.

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So is it time we waved goodbye to England?

While the idea certainly has its fans, plenty of people still deeply admire the monarchy and are happy to hold onto the royal family as our offical head of state.

“Good on her, no body admires her [Queen Elizabeth] more than the Australia Republic Movement. It’s not about her, it’s about us,” Pete told Sylvia.

Many are already saying Peter’s justification for why we need to make the big switch has changed their minds.

“It would give us a basic sense of dignity and pride,” Peter said. “Australian children can be anything they want in the world, up to an astronaut, but there’s one thing they can’t be because they’re specifically banned from being, they can’t be the Australian head of state.

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“Doesn’t it strike you as strange that the position of an Australia head of state is reserved for one English family living on the other side of the world?

“Call us crazy but we think that’s a bit odd for the 21st century!”

How do you feel about this issue?

Do you think we should become a republic? Or should we remain part of the Commonwealth?

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