Leigh Sales fires up at Centrelink

ABC presenter Leigh Sales has fired up at Centrelink on Twitter over call wait times. Source: YouTube.

As pensioners, many of the readers here at Starts at 60 have regular dealings with Centrelink.

Quite often we hear complaints from SAS readers about call wait times, with some spending hours on hold to Centrelink to deal with issue they may have.

It’s an issue that’s quite topical at the moment in the midst of the debt letters scandal.

But if you thought you were the only one having issues with call wait times at Centrelink, you’re not the only one.

Even ABC presenter Leigh Sales has spent time on hold – and she’s taken to Twitter to vent her fury.

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On Tuesday she posted on Twitter, asking if Centrelink “ever answer its phone”.

“Does Centrelink ever answer its phone? 2 hours on hold last week fruitlessly, heading in the same direction today,” she wrote.

Yesterday Centrelink responded.

“Hi Leigh, what are you calling about? We’ll try to help you here. Just remember, it’s not safe to share personal info on Twitter,” they replied.

And Sales hit back.

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“Thanks for the tip. Please provide a number to phone that will be answered inside 10 minutes.” she replied.

Centrelink responded by saying “call wait times can vary”.

“However, if you can tell us what you’re calling about we may be able to help direct you.” they stated.

And that’s when the ABC presenter really hit back.

“I’ve told you what I want: a phone number that will be answered in fewer than two hours.” she responded.

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The Twitter conversation continued, with Centrelink claiming their average answer time is 16 minutes.

It’s created a wave of commentary on Twitter, with dozens of Twitter users responding to Sales and sharing photos of their own call wait times with Centrelink.

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If you’ve ever experienced this, then chances are you’ve felt Sales’ frustration.

She clarified on Twitter this morning that she was calling on behalf of somebody with a disability.

“Surprising number of people in my twitter feed sharing stories of appalling waiting times to get through to Centrelink on the phone,” she wrote.

“Ringing on behalf of somebody with a disability who can’t do it themselves. Have given up trying by phone, will visit an office.”

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Tell us, have you ever waited for hours on the phone to Centrelink?

What do you think of Leigh Sales response to the issue?


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