Late for a flight? Don't do this

The feeling of being late for a flight can be stressful and at the time can even feel like the “end of the world.” Those with a rational mind will realise that while it’s a major inconvenience, it isn’t “the end”. Another flight can be booked and at the end of the day, it’ll just be your credit card that’s bruised a bit. One couple felt that it was “the end” and took very drastic measures to get on the plane and it only landed them in jail.

A flight at the Beijing Capital International Airport was taxiing for take-off when they were stopped by a couple who had run onto the runway with their luggage and stood in front of the wheels of the plane.

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The couple ignored the advice from officials and the woman squatted in front of the plane begging for her and her husband to be let on the plane. The ground crew had no choice but to call the police on the couple.

The couple claims that they missed the flight due to never being informed of the departure time of the flight. The information for the flight was clearly marked on their tickets officials found after their arrest.

It may be a stiff lesson to learn for the pair as they may spend the next ten days in jail, be fined, and could potentially be banned from flying. Might have been cheaper to just buy a ticket on the next flight.

What was the best excuse you’ve ever seen for someone being late? What was the strangest thing you ever saw at an airport?