Kochie's awkward moment at the Brownlows

Whether you love him or loathe him, you’ve got to feel for Kochie after the Brownlows last night.

The Port Adelaide president had an awkward moment at the AFL’s awards nights – and it was all captured on camera.

If you missed it, it’s sure to give you a laugh.

Port Adelaide player Ollie Wines had just been announced as receiving three votes for his performance against Brisbane in round 19.

Kochie, who was sitting next to him, went to high-five Wines but the player was too busy celebrating to notice.

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Instead the moment became an awkward kind-of handshake – that left both Wines and Kochie laughing along.

So, how did the video go viral?

Well, the few seconds of footage went largely unnoticed until Kochie’s Port Adelaide club decided to share it on social media for laugh.

The Port Adelaide media team declared it “definitely the most awkward moment of Brownlow night”.

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It turns out the Kochie is actually the most popular person in the whole club – far more popular than his players in fact.

The Sunrise presenter has 150,000 Twitter followers, while Port Adelaide captain Travis Boak has 30,000 and Ollie Wines – the player who left him hanging – has 16,000.

You might be wondering what Kochie’s had to say about it?

Well, so far the Sunrise presenter has been pretty quiet – but if his reaction on the night is anything to go by, he’ll be laughing along with the rest of the Port Adelaide side.

Have you ever had an awkward moment like Kochie? Did this give you a laugh?