Kochie slams women's mag over 'fake news'

David 'Kochie' Koch has slammed Women's Day for 'fake news' after it reported that Edwina Batholomew was replacing Sam Armytage on Sunrise. Source: YouTube

We’re used to reading some of the stories in women’s and gossip magazines and shaking our head in disbelief at some of what they write.

But even Sunrise host Kochie thinks they’ve gone too far this time.

Women’s Day posted an “exclusive” story online yesterday claiming that Edwina Bartholomew was going to replace Sam Armytage on Sunrise.

The morning shows on both Channel 7 and Channel 9 have come under intense scrutiny lately, with rumours and gossip swirling about the hosts – some of which you’ve no doubt read lately.

And it seems the hosts themselves have had enough!

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Kochie took to social media yesterday, slamming Women’s Day over its “exclusive” about Bartholomew and Armytage.

“Woman’s Day… total and utter fabrication. Fake news at its worst. Can I be any clearer?,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Thanks to the loyalty of our viewers Sunrise has been Australia’s #1 breakfast program for 13 consecutive years… because it’s a team effort. It’s an honour to be part of it. I honestly love working with them all.”

It’s not the first time TV personalities have jumped to the defence of one of their colleagues over something published about them in the media.

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You might remember late last year when Sam Armytage was the victim of a Daily Mail article that attacked her over her choice of underwear?

Well it caused an outcry from her colleagues who slammed the Daily Mail for its coverage.

Perhaps sometimes we forget that our favourite TV personalities have lives away from the cameras.

What do you think about Kochie’s post? Do you agree with what he had to say?