Kmart slammed for selling drug paraphernalia-looking product

Kmart has been slammed for introducing this product onto their shelves.

Kmart is in hot water after releasing a drink jar product that many claim to look strikingly similar to methamphetamine drug paraphernalia. Anyone who has never seen such drug paraphernalia may not even be aware that it looks like something that drug abusers use to take methamphetamine. However, for a Bunbury mum, seeing the drink jar product sent shivers up the spine as her child was once an ice addict. The woman has lambasted Kmart Australia for selling the drink jar product which she claims looks strikingly similar to methamphetamine drug paraphernalia.

According to Kmart’s ad, the “unique light bulb drink jars” as a “great addition to your tableware [that] can be used to serve drinks, beverages and more”. It is created in the shape of a light bulb and accessorised with a straw, the product carries a strong resemblance to the homemade “crack pipe light bulbs” from which users without access to meth pipes sometimes consume their drugs.

Lina Pugh, who started the Facebook page “Ice in Bunbury: a mother’s nightmare” and leads a support group for families of those struggling with drug addiction, said she was “appalled” by the product.

“Thousands and thousands of families in regional WA are being torn apart because of meth use,” Mrs Pugh said.

“It is absolutely appalling that they are trying to make money out of something that is destroying lives.”

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Mrs Pugh said her son used to smoke methamphetamine using a light bulb and she found Kmart’s product a “striking similarity”.

“If it is just a way to be trendy then it’s completely inappropriate,” she said.

“People are dying. And to me that product is a direct reference to a meth-smoking device.”

Photo: Supplied.
Photo: Supplied.

Julie Kent, who works on a program at Bunbury regional prison that brings victims of crime in touch with offenders, said she believed the product would be quickly identified by addicts as a smoking device.

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Mrs Kent said she spoke to an offender on Monday who said he had stated smoking drugs in primary school, around age nine.

“Children already know what this stuff is about, they know what these light bulbs can be used for,” Mrs Kent said.

“Taking something that is so addictive and putting it out there as something that is fun and funny and cool…

“There’s nothing funny about this.”

One user posted a screenshot of the product page with the caption: “Do you want crackheads Kmart? Because that’s how you get crackheads.”

Another said: “Kmart, teaching people it’s normal to suck things out of light bulbs since 2016. Crackheads rejoice!!”

Should Kmart have done better research or did the woman have the right to unleash at Kmart for releasing the product?