Karl Stefanovic's wife hit backs at critics in open letter to working mums

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There’s no denying Karl Stefanovic’s divorce from his wife Cassandra Thorburn is playing out quite publicly.

Thorburn was criticised earlier this week after speaking out on Facebook about the divorce and the ratings battle between her husband’s show Today and rival program Sunrise.

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Now she’s penned an open letter to working mums, hitting back at her critics and talking about her decision to be a stay-at-home mum .

In the letter posted on PopSugar, Thorburn questions why working mums feel like they’re in competition with stay-at-home mums.

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“I’m aware you spend your days in a competitive environment,” she writes.

“You’re often surrounded by young co-workers who are a constant reminder that someone is biting at your heels and there are deadlines to meet and pressures at work — and then you race home and your children need you also. It’s never ending. I get it.

“What I don’t get is why, in my experience, you also feel you’re in competition with us, the stay-at-home mums who made a different decision than you. Not a better or worse decision, just the right decision for us and a different one to you.”

Pointing to a recent media headline about her “This is the reason why women should never give up their jobs”, Thorburn questioned why the author felt the need to try and make her feel like she made a bad decision being a stay-at-home mum. 

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“I respect all working mums for the decision you made that was right for you,” she writes.

“I only wish there was that same respect returned to stay-at-home mums.

“We made a decision that is different to yours. It doesn’t mean, as I’ve realised some people think, that I’m watching daytime soaps all day.”

She makes the point that like many stay-at-home mums, she helps out in the school canteen and uniform shop.

“Stay-at-home mums support each other,” she writes.

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“We don’t lunch every day, if that’s what you think. We are busy, we stay informed, we fulfil the needs of our family.”

Thorburn offered some words of support to fellow stay-at-home mums.

“Next time a working mum rolls her eyes at your stay-at-home status, hold your head high,” she writes.

“Their decision is not superior to ours and there’s no competition as to who made the better choice when it comes to parenting.

“We all make the decision that works for us and I guarantee you I don’t know any unhappy stay-at-home mums.”

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She also slammed reports that she wrote the Facebook post earlier this week after drinking a bottle of red wine.

“It’s such a shame that the biggest critics of women seem to be other women. Such a damn shame,” she writes.

“There was no malice intended and I certainly didn’t expect to be picked to pieces for it.

“The media showed no interest in this stay-at-home mum for 11 years, so kicking me now when I’m going through one of the hardest times of mine and my children’s lives seems very cruel indeed.”

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And she signs the letter off with a big question – when will judgements from other women stop?

“I hope it’s soon, so my daughter can make her own decision when she has a family and not feel like it’s a competition,” she writes.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful for daughters to make the decision for themselves and not be judged for it?”

What do you think of Cassandra Thorburn’s letter? Do you agree with her comments?