Julian Assange compared to Ned Kelly by Aussie politician

Earlier this month it was reported Julian Assange had an ally in an Australian politician.

That politician was One Nation senator Pauline Hanson, and now she’s taking her support for the WikiLeaks founder all the way to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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Hanson has penned a letter to the PM, comparing Julian Assange to Ned Kelly and describing him as a “potential folk hero”.

In a copy of the letter, published by the ABC, Hanson argues that “we have failed to adequately protect whistle blowers”.

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“We should be supporting those with the courage to do what is right, despite the fact they face huge risks and punishment,” she writes.

“In a time when the media cannot be trusted to report the facts because they serve as a mouth piece for out of touch elites and the political establishment, in a time when the mainstream media no longer holds government to account, it is now the work of people like Mr Assange that is so integral to the health functioning of our democracy.

“It is organisations such as WikiLeaks that are now the fourth pillar of our democracy.”

The senator went on to describe Australia as having a “long and proud history of anti-establishment folk heroes”, using Ned Kelly as a comparison.

“Ned Kelly faced government oppression and corruption and was eventually shot and hung,” she writes.

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“I don’t think the people of Australia want to see another potential folk hero hung out to dry.”

Hanson finished off her letter by asking Turnbull if he would begin “a multilateral process” to bring political parties together to support Assange.

“I am hopeful you will join me in supporting Mr Assange,” she writes.

“I intend to work towards making sure he is granted his freedom.”

What do you think about Pauline Hanson’s letter? Is it right to compare Julian Assange to Ned Kelly?