Jones says all over 65 should be taxed at 15%

Alan Jones has bullied the Prime Minister controversially yesterday, saying that “common sense is all you need to run the government”.  And he has followed it up by saying that the Prime Minister should consider dropping taxes for people over 65 to 15 percent to encourage them to stay in the workforce longer and contribute to our nation’s economy.

Mr Jones, who had the Prime Minister on air during the show yesterday morning said, “If I was working for the PM I’d say you only need one report and it would be a short one: a report on common sense.”

“The Prime Minister has got reports, white papers, green papers, pink papers, yellow papers coming out of his ears.”

He also laid clear attack on Joe Hockey… and his use of the words”have a conversation” on tax reform.

“I hate this word ‘conversation’” preferring to use its formal name – a discussion paper,” said Jones.

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Mr Jones laid into Mr Abbott on air about the darkest days of sport for Australia and how ASADA handled the AFL and NRL sports doping sagas

He also suggested we should consider a “drought tax” for the farmers stricken by drought in central Australia and  that we should, as a nation, consider dropping taxes for everyone over 65 to 15% to encourage them to stay in the workforce longer.

And finally, he went hard at the form Labor Prime Ministers, Gillard and Rudd, who he says should be stripped of their benefits as the “wrecked the economy”.

Mr Abbott could barely get a word in edgewise during the tirade.

Mr Jones called on the PM to raise the GST and get rid of tax exemptions to raise 80 billion rather than taxing companies harder.

So we ask today… would Alan Jones suggestion of taxing everyone over 65 at 15% work to keep you in the workforce?  Is that a desirable solution to losing all our valuable older workers rapidly from workplaces without balancing the knowledge base they carry?

Share your thoughts today.