John Cleese rips into his ex-wives and kids

John Cleese made some harsh comments about his wives and daughters on a chat show.

John Cleese has never been backwards about coming forwards and he certainly didn’t hold back over the weekend during an interview on a American chat show.

John was talking with his comedy partner and host Conan O’Brien when the subject turned to family and the Monty Python star cut loose.

Having being married four times, John was talking about the secret to a lasting relationship.

“I have been married for 34 years. To four different wives,” he said before bringing up his second wife Barbara Threntham, who died from complications with leukemia in 2013.

“One of my ex-wives died. You know what? It was very sad because it was the wrong one.”

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While the audience laughed along, Conan asked him if he was serious.

“Do you have any real anger or hatred towards your ex-wives?” the host asked.

“No, I mean, I am quite happy if one or two of them would be dead. But I don’t have anything against them as people.

“I wish them dead in the nicest possible way,” he said before adding, “Not dead in a slow agonising death over a number of years. Something quick like a tree falling on them.”

While his comments drew laughs from the crowd, some were left feeling a little uncomfortable by his remarks and felt he should have shown a little more respect.

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Later, he also darkly joked that the secret to a long-lasting marriage was not having children.

“I think the secret is not to have children. Children are the cause of most of the misery in the world.

“They cost you a fortune, you worry yourself sick and then they grow up like their mothers. Cats are the answer. You can feed them twice a day.”

John is known for his off-beat brand of comedy, but is wishing his ex-wives were dead a bit too far?

This seems to be one of those cases where some are saying it’s hilarious and just a laugh and others are saying he was out of line.

Are you a fan of John Cleese? Are comments like this okay for a laugh, or was it too far?