Jane Fonda tells sad story about being a celebrity

Jane Fonda has spoken out.

She’s beloved around the world for her iconic roles over the years, but Jane Fonda has ruffled more than a few feathers with her latest comments about the hard life of a celebrity.

The actress was appearing on American talk show Real Time with Bill Maher where she blasted President Donald Trump and spoke about how it’s not always easy being a world-famous millionaire celeb.

Referring to Trump as “the predator-in-chief”, she slammed his tactics as a leader and accused him of trying to “divide and conquer” America.

Later, she went on to talk about how difficult she has found it in the past to speak out about issues she cares about.

She said she’s repeatedly been told to “shut up” over the last 50 years just “because I was celebrity”.

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“But what celebrities can do is that they can bring attention to things that wouldn’t normally get attention,” she added.

Her comments have raised a bit of a sore point for many, who see celebrities as sticking their nose where it doesn’t concern them.

While many admire and appreciate the work famous faces do to raise awareness for issues around the world, others have complained about them trying to push an agenda.

Lately, a lot of celebs have been speaking out against Donald Trump as well as plenty of other issues like the ongoing trouble in the Middle East.

Instead of receiving praise though, many have been criticised, with some asking: what do they know about it anyway?

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While it’s surely a good thing for celebrities to use their platform to help where they can, it seems some would rather they just stuck to their day job.

It’s not the fist time Fonda has been caught up like this either. Many will remember her controversial visit to Vietnam in the 70s, when she was criticised for her outspoken opposition to the war.

Do you think celebs should use their fame to speak out on issues like this? Or should they just stay out of it?