Jacqui Lambie's life threatened

Not everyone likes Jacqui Lambie but I think we can all agree that she doesn’t deserve this.

In a terrifying threat, someone purporting to be the Adelaide Islamic State Mujahideen has said they will attempt to behead Senator Lambie unless she helps to implement Sharia law in Australia.

The letter has caused a security scare in Jacqui’s office today but the controversial senator isn’t intimidated. In a statement, she said “I will not allow anyone to hold the Parliament of Australia in contempt by interfering with the free and fair performance of an Australian senator.

“I will continue to speak out about the threat that supporters of Islamic State and Sharia law pose to the Australian democratic culture and people”.

Lambie will remain passionate about her campaign to ban Sharia law and “unnecessary face coverings in public”, and for the reintroduction of the death penalty for homegrown terrorists.

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If Jacqui Lambie doesn’t convert to Islam by March 18, her life is on the line, according to the letter, which also came with graphic images of a beheaded man.

The letter said, “By the powers invested in me by Allah, I sentence you to death…I will take the honour in beheading you … when you are least prepared; my men and I will take your office by surprise”.

Senator Lambie also said “I’m ex-Army so I guess that I’m always very conscious about what’s going on around me and what’s happening in my environment so I’ll just continue to be on that sort of high alert and just lift that a little bit more”.


The AFP are said to be investigating but is this a hoax or should it be taken more seriously? What should Jacqui do?