Is this a case of political correctness gone too far?

Who knew eggs and bacon could be so controversial? The delicious breakfast staple that has been gracing tables for centuries is causing a bit of a stir in Tasmania, with animal activists desperate to change the name of a well-known landmark.

According to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (more commonly known as PETA) have decided that Eggs and Bacon Bay does nothing but promote unhealthy living, and it needs to be changed.

The group has written a letter to the Huon Valley mayor saying that bacon, eggs and other animal-derived foods must be kept off the plates of residents for the sake of their health (and for the animals), and a healthier alternative to Eggs and Bacon Bay would be Apple and Cherry Bay — because they are locally grown fruits, of course!

“Considering the high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat in both eggs and bacon, the area may as well be called ‘Heart Attack Bay’,” campaign coordinator Claire Fryer says.

As you might expect, there has been some backlash about the proposal on social media.

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However, Eggs and Bacon Bay — which refers to the yellow and red flowers found at the bay, Starts at 60 has been told — isn’t the only landmark in PETA’s sight.

“Certainly, we will consider writing to other districts around Australia where there are perhaps inappropriately named areas,” Fryer says.

What do you think of this news? Is this political correctness gone too far or does PETA make a good point? Are there other places you are aware of that have ‘inappropriate’ names?