"I don't vote with my vagina": Why Susan Sarandon won't vote for Hillary Clinton

There’s no denying Susan Sarandon is vocal when it comes to politics and social issues.

And she’s made a strong statement about the US election during an interview with the BBC.

The 70-year-old actress revealed why she isn’t voting for Hillary Clinton – and it appears it’s got little to do with her support for Bernie Sanders.

Instead, she’s thrown her support behind independent candidates such as Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

“The reason we’re in the situation we’re in is because everyone has been voting the lesser of two evils for so long,” she said.

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“It’s important to have a new party and it’s important therefore to get these independent candidates to 5%.

“Hillary Clinton is almost certainly gonna win – she’s got every neo-con, she’s got all the press, she’s got all the networks, she’s got the newspapers, everyone behind her.”

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While many women are flocking to vote for Clinton to see the first female president in the White House, Sarandon won’t.

She boldly said “I don’t vote with my vagina”.

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“This is bigger than that,” she said.

“I want the right woman.

“There are women, great women that I admire that have headed nations.

“You’ve (the UK) had a woman, I don’t know how you felt about that.”

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When she was asked about whether she’ll have any regrets if Donald Trump wins the election, Sarandon had a strong response.

“I’m worried about the wars, I’m worried about Syria, I’m worried about all of these things that actually exist – TPP, I’m worried about fracking, I’m worrying about the environment,” she said.

“No matter who gets in, they don’t address these things because money has taken over our system so for me it doesn’t matter.”

Sarandon has been vocal on a range of issues including the controversial North Dakota Pipeline – which has polarised opinions over the environment and Native American rights.

The actress was also asked about her thoughts on Sanders call for people to vote for Clinton.

“Bernie also said no matter who I tell you to vote for, don’t listen to me, vote your heart,” she said.

What do you think of Susan Sarandon’s comments about the election? Do you think she has a valid point?