Horrific bullying incident sees child killed because of allergies

It's all fun and games until someone loses their life.

A young boy in the United Kingdom has died after school bullies triggered a deadly allergic reaction.

Different appearance, a “strange” accent or unusual behaviour – if a bully can find a reason to ostracise you, they will. But now a new method is on the rise: allergy bullying.

The deplorable actions have already cost one boy his life: this month, Karanbir Cheema died at the age of 13 after bullies exposed him to a cheese sandwich.

Amarjeet Cheema, Karan’s father, says his son was “good at avoiding” the dairy products he was allergic to.

What happened is not clear at this stage; witnesses have delivered varying stories, with some saying that a piece of cheese was shoved down Karan’s shirt, while others believe a piece of cheese was flicked at Karan’s mouth.

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After the incident, Karan was administered his prescribed antihistamine.

“I was at the school within half an hour,” Amarjeet says in an article from The Sun.

“When I arrived, he was collapsed – not breathing. He was already on the trolley.”

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. A recent report revealed that Australian school-aged children with allergies are more likely to be bullied.

“Some individuals have reported being bullied because of their allergies, whilst others have reported specific allergy-related-bullying, such as being touched with foods that they are allergic to or having their food being intentionally contaminated with an allergen,” an abstract from the report reads.

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While bullies may find these antics amusing, anyone who suffers from an extreme allergy could go into anaphylactic shock and find themselves in the same position as Karan. It’s a game of life and death that needs to be stopped before it claims another victim.

Karan spent 12 days in intensive care before dying at a London hospital this week.

“We were so proud of him,” Amarjeet says. “He was a bright, bright boy. He was kind and gentle. We are just devastated.”

What do you think of this new bullying technique? What can be done to stop it?