Hillary Clinton's brutally honest ad about Donald Trump might win her the election

As the final stages of the US election heat up, both candidates are pulling out all stops to get them over the line on voting day.

It’s Hillary Clinton’s latest ad that is garnering the most attention this week though, with the Democratic candidate releasing an advertisment that uses Donald Trump’s own words against him.

Trump has been recorded dozens of times saying vulgar things about women and now the Clinton team has gone and put some of his worst quotes into the short video.

The ad asks American voters, “Is this the president we want for our daughters” as it plays clips of Trump calling women “fat”, “pigs” and “hard to love if she’s flat chested”.

While it has gained huge traction online and lots of support, Trump still has millions of supporters behind him.

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While analysts predict Clinton will win the election, the gap is tightening in some states and as everyone knows – anything can happen in an election campaign.

The race has captured attention around the world, largely due to the huge influence America plays in global politics.

There are fears from some that Trump is too inexperienced and volatile, while others accuse Clinton of being corrupt.

What do you think of the ad? Who do you think will win the election?