Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump trade blows in final presidential debate

It’s a mere matter of weeks before Americans head to the polls and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clashed for the final time on issues relating to the United States Supreme Court, immigration, the economy, foreign policy and the ability for either candidate to lead the country.

Unlikely is that the third debate will have changed the minds of voters.

Perhaps surprising was that Trump appeared to present a strong debate game for at least the first 30 minutes. He spoke briefly about 25 million jobs he’s going to create (no detail on that though) before going toe-to-toe on guns, the Supreme Court and abortion with Clinton.

For the record, Trump is anti-abortion and pro-gun rights, while Clinton is pro-choice and says she is in favour of “reasonable gun regulation”.

If you were wondering if or when the Donald Trump of old would appear, you didn’t have to wait long.

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After about an hour he started to make some unusual claims — that he’d never mocked the attractiveness of women he has been accused of mistreating and that he had never mocked a disabled reporter — before refusing to say that he would honour the results of the election should it go against him.

Such a refusal has never been uttered in a presidential debate in the history of US politics.

Clinton had Trump’s words towards the women on-hand and was able to use them against him. She also pointed out how he had a history of ‘crying foul’ whenever things didn’t go his way.

The ability of both candidates to fulfil the role of president was front and centre. Both Trump and Clinton threw mud at one another while talking about why their opponent was unfit to lead.

Clinton demonstrated some superiority in being able to handle tough questions about her character; something her opponent could not do. Such behaviour, and his inability to pledge he would abide by the results of the election, did little to reassure voters who might have been concerned about him.

If the election was held tomorrow, who would get your vote? What are your thoughts on political debates?