There are heroes and then there is this legend

It has been a debate for a long as we have had toilet paper. Which way to hang it? Are you a front hanger or a behind (pun intended) hanger?

One man has taken over the internet today with his photos being viewed over two-million times. A lot like Batman, his real identity is a mystery as we only know him as “conecandy”.

His original post titled “Sometimes the world needs a hero” shows him in a public restroom where the toilet paper has been stocked in the generally felt “wrong” way. Showing the way to much talent in lock picking than most would be comfortable in he picks the lock of the holder and reverses the paper.


Many applauded his semi-illegal heroism with comments like “The world needs more legends”, “Not the hero we deserve but the hero we need”, and even “Now all is right in the universe.” While a favourite says “Some heroes don’t wear capes..some wear capes made of tissue”.

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While this might seem to be a strange thing to become “internet famous” about it at least should make the day a little brighter to know that not everyone is taking the world seriously today. There is room for a TP Hero to show us that people can do good.

The only question left is why does someone carry around their own professional lock picking tools? The other question might be, where can we buy them.

What do you think about this? Good for a laugh or a sign that the internet has had enough for today and everyone should go read a book?