Grandmother stands up to ISIS: could this change their minds?

In some incredible footage this morning, a grandmother has been shown to be arguing with ISIS militants in Syria, shaming the brutal actions that underpin their cruel operation.

The elderly woman bravely walks up to the fighters’ car and says, “I swear nothing you have done was in the way of God”.

Instead of becoming aggressive and potentially harming her, the men become confused and want to know if everything is ‘good’ between them and the woman. But despite attempts to justify their horrendous acts, the assertive woman takes aim at Islamic State’s brutality and says it is “making us go backwards”.

Clearly backpeddling, the men assure her they have been praying but she does not believe this excuses their behaviour at all, instead quoting verses from the Koran. She demands they stop killing people and that it is forbidden in the Islamic faith (and all faiths).

It is a tense moment but it makes us wonder: could this one woman be able to break through to these people who mercilessly kill so many?

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“You don’t want this slaughtering, nor do you want this murder,’ she says, prompting one of the militants to coldly reply: “We have come to you with slaughter”.

Watch the video below and tell us, is this woman brave or is she making it worse? Does it change your opinion of Muslims at all to see one so opposed to Islamic State?