Government announces refugee intake will double

Today it was revealed that Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison has confirmed a deal with Senate cross benchers that will mean the government almost doubles the Australian annual refugee intake in exchange for the cross benchers support for the bill to resurrect temporary visas.

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This is a move that will cost the government about $100 million but will allow 7,500 new people seeking asylum into Australia.

According to the ABC, the increase will occur over four years and will bring the total intake to 18,750 people. The temporary visa bill will mean that the 25,000 asylum seekers that are currently on bridging visas will be allowed work rights.

This is a huge breakthrough as Australian laws around asylum seekers have been under heavy public and political debate in the last few years. Mr Morrison is already undergoing the defence against accusations that officials mistreated two heavily pregnant Iranian women in a Darwin facility.

So tonight tell us, what are your thoughts on this? Is it a good move?