Frustrated locals take parking issues into their own hands

If you’ve ever lived in a busy city or suburban street than you’ll be able to relate to the frustration of people hogging parking spaces.

But did you ever take the law into your hands to solve the problem?

One street in Mona Vale in Sydney has been facing this age-old dilemma, and it appears some locals are taking the issue into their own hands.

The Daily Telegraph reports one street in particular, Pittwater Rd, has been having issues with people parking trailers and taking up parking spaces.

And that’s led to reports of theft and vandalism of trailers and boats!

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So, what exactly has happened?

The newspaper has shared photos of a boat tipped over on the street, taken by one concerned resident.

The resident, Bill Ditmarsch said there was a big problem in the area with trailers being parked “all over the place”.

“It is becoming just such an awful pest, it is getting worse. In my street, four years ago there were only three trailers parked, but every few months it just gets worse,” he told the Telgraph.

But does that really justify vandalising people’s property?

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In another incident, reported by the newspaper, tyres were slashed on trailers and signs saying “free boat” and “move your boat” were placed on a boat and trailer, both of which were eventually stolen.

Police are warning residents against the “irresponsible” behaviour, describing it as “malicious” behaviour.

You might be wondering where the council is in all of this?

Well, it turns out Northern Beaches Council can actually impound boat trailers – but only if they are parked on the street for more than four weeks and if 15 days notice is provided to the owners.

So, what would you do if you were a resident in the area? Do you think the actions are justified? Or is there a better way of handling the issue?