Fresh cries Australia is turning into a nanny state after strange new laws passed

As of today, mooning is officially a crime in the state of Victoria.

The law was passed as part of an overhaul of sexual offence laws, with politicians deciding the bare-bottomed gag could be deemed offensive. Anyone caught baring their bottom for a laugh could now face six months in jail for their crime.

While many of the changes to sexual offence laws have been welcomed, the inclusion of mooning has drawn the ire of some who complain Australia is turning into a nanny state.

Those rallying against the so-called PC brigade say we are becoming too concerned with accidentally causing offence to others and have lost our ability to have a laugh.

So are they onto something, or is it a good thing we are more careful about what we say and do these days?

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Over the past few years, things that were once deemed acceptable are now frowned upon and draw huge criticism from many.

Gollywog dolls aren’t sold in toy stores anymore, there have been calls for a female to play the next James Bond to highlight gender equality, and people are regularly shamed if they say something considered politically incorrect.

While many have welcomed these changes, others say we are becoming so sensitive about everything it’s nearly impossible to have a conversation without offending someone.

What do you think? Are we turning into a nanny state? Are we too concerned with being politically correct?