Federal MP learns a valuable lesson on why you shouldn't upset a teacher

Andrew Laming has copped a hilarious grilling from a Queensland teacher. Source: YouTube

You might remember reading on Wednesday about Federal MP Andrew Laming’s comments about teachers on social media?

Well, he copped a lot of flak for his “Are teachers back at work this week, or are they ‘lesson planning’ from home? Let me know exactly.” comment on Facebook.

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And now one angry teacher’s response is going viral on social media, and making teachers and non-teachers alike have a laugh.

After reading the comment on social media, Brisbane teacher Katrina Crook took it upon herself to email Laming.

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Answering his question of “Are teachers working this week?”.

“You bet your life we are,” Ms Crook wrote.

“I can’t think of a teacher alive who would want to walk into a classroom on that first day unprepared. Teachers are in their studies and in their classrooms this week printing resources, making posters, decorating classrooms, organising resources. Who do you think pays for all those resources, printing, boxes for storage, name tags…. the list is endless. We do Andrew. Teachers. No cushy expense account for us. No buying a luxury condo at the Coast in my lunch hour when I’ve popped off for a quick break. No private jet to ferry me around. No six figure salary with a pension for life. Just good old fashioned hard work by a teacher who cares about her profession and loves the children she teaches.

“So yes Andrew, teachers are working this week. And every other week in the school year. You’d do well to remember that. Try getting out and about into classrooms occasionally. You might just be surprised!”

But it’s not just her email that’s earned her praise.

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It’s her cheeky ‘marking’ of Laming’s email response that’s going viral on social media.

Picking out his spelling and punctuation errors, Ms Crook took it upon herself to mark and grade Laming’s email and give him a little bit of extra feedback.

In true teacher fashion, she used a red pen to mark.

Ms Crook posted the marked, graded email on Facebook and it’s become an overnight sensation.

She gave Laming a ‘D’ for his email and left the following comment:

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“Andrew, you have made an attempt to write a letter but you aren’t quite there yet… I would also have liked to see some more detail in your response given the original piece and your reason for reply. Perhaps an apology and detail of any follow up to redress this issue… More thought to the formalities of letter writing, punctuation, and your response may see an improvement in your grade.”

Check it out below!

What do you think of the teacher’s response to Laming? Did this give you a giggle?


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