Fans in meltdown over Grease character death theory

If you’re a fan of the movie Grease, this could change the way you watch it forever.

A fan has come up with a theory that Sandy, played by Olivia Newton-John, was actually dead during the whole film.

Yes – that’s right dead.

So how did they come to that conclusion?

In the song Summer Nights, Danny – played by John Travolta – sings about saving Sandy’s life after she nearly drowned at the beach.

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But the fan believes she did actually drown – and that the whole film is actually her dying dream on her way to heaven.

They claim the film gets more dream-like as it goes on, representing Sandy’s final moments as she slips away.

But that’s not all.

The fan also claims that song Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee reinforces their theory because the last line is “Goodbye to Sandra Dee”.

What about that infamous scene at the end of the movie where Danny and Sandy fly away in a red convertible?

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Well, according to the fan that’s Sandy watching herself fly to heaven.

But not everyone agrees.

Some fans on Reddit have described the theory as “outlandish” and a “cop out”

Other fans had their own theories.

“Sandy kills herself towards the end of the movie and the entire last scene is her dying thoughts,” one fan wrote.

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“Everything that happens in the last scene is just a little TOO perfect. Danny and Sandy are back together despite everything, Rizzo SUDDENLY isn’t pregnant AND Kenickie suddenly decides that he actually loves her, the geeky kid gets onto the sports team, EVERYTHING is suddenly ok, just the way that sweet, innocent Sandy would have wanted it to be.”

“And in the last shot of the movie, she flies up to heaven with her dream boyfriend in her magic flying car.”

As far-fetched as it seems, it certainly gives you a good excuse to watch the movie and sing-along all over again.