Good news if you're awaiting Christmas deliveries in the mail

It’s just two weeks until Christmas and if you’ve been online shopping, then you’ve probably got a few packages left to arrive at your door.

But tomorrow could very well be the day your deliveries arrive!

Australia Post is playing Santa in a big way tomorrow, with more than two million parcels expected to be processed.

Nine reports that tomorrow will be a record breaking day for Australia Post, making it the biggest mail and package delivery day in Australia’s history!

So, what does that mean for your packages?

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Well, there’ll be extra posties delivering mail and packages, plus an extra 1500 workers will be on hand to process packages for Australia Post.

There’s a good chance if you’re expecting a delivery, it’ll be amongst those two million parcels being delivered tomorrow!

Australia Post Executive General Manager Parcels Bob Black told Nine the increase in parcels was due to more people doing their Christmas shopping online.

“We’re finding close to 30 per cent of all online purchases occur in the three months leading up to Christmas, and that’s on the back of a 15.9 per cent growth in online shopping this year,” he said.

If you’re home tomorrow and expecting a delivery, then don’t be surprised if it turns up!

Tell us, have you been online shopping for Christmas this year? Are you expecting any deliveries?