Entertaining video shows a P-Plater learning a valuable lesson

Sometimes when you see the millions of dollars that the Government spends on ad campaigns telling people not to drive through flood waters, you start to think “Who doesn’t understand this by now?”. Well, according to the video below at least one P-plater had to learn about it the hard way.

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During the recent heavy rains in Melbourne, a P-plater approached a bridge that flooded by water. Not only that, but the bridge also has clear signage about the flood danger of the bridge. Then this happened…

Deciding that they knew best, the P-plater submerged their car and needed to be rescued. The approaching police officer at the end of the video looked less than pleased with what had just happened.

At least the Australian comical spirit also shows through in the video as the car is bobbing an unnamed fisherman shows up to throw his line in to try to “fish” the car out. After the police officer is finished speaking to the P-plater, we’re sure there is going to be a harsh talking too from the parents as well.

The comments on the video added to the comedy when one user wrote “Copper got there just in time to impound his car for drifting”. Another said, “Crack me up how he tried to steer while floating in water, hoping to straighten up his car… next time try paddling with your hand instead, you already had the window opened!?” While another user summed up the real problem at hand, “Don’t you just hate it when an ignorant person tries to drive through the water scaring the fish off while you are trying to catch dinner?”

Why do you think that so many people still try to drive through flood waters? Do you think there should be a punishment for those that use rescue services because of ignorance on their part?