Don't worry, Santa Claus is not becoming Person Christmas

Santa's still a guy with a big belly and a large, white beard ... for now. Source: Pexels

You may’ve heard about ‘Person Christmas’, the gender-fluid replacement for Father Christmas – a perfect symbol for the festive season in today’s politically correct environment?

News Corp summoned up some outrage over the concept in a recent story, saying that there’s a “whole new debate on social media” about the concept, and that it’s the latest in a series of changes to the traditional festive period, along with the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ being replaced with ‘Happy Holidays’, and Christmas carols being banned in some state schools.

But before you go getting too angry about Person Christmas, take a chill pill.

It’s almost certainly either a mickey-take and an attempt to fire up some non-existent fury by a popular UK site called Unilad, which appears to have invented the term, based on a few, some seemingly jokey, tweets about a gender-fluid Santa.

“Unfortunately, gender-fluidity falls into the ‘threatening’ category for a lot a people – turns out – there are some who see the idea of Father Christmas being renamed to something more gender fluid like ‘Person Christmas’, as a real threat to their way of life,” Unilad wrote in a story about the few tweets posted over the previous year. 

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But that was enough to set off a whole lot of upset, despite there being no hashtag indicating the tweets were part of a big ‘thing’, nothing trending on any social media platform about the idea, or any large petition calling for a change from Father Christmas to Person Christmas.

But now Unilad’s story about a few random tweets has been picked up by the mainstream media, people all over the place are madly tweeting their anguish over what was largely a non-existent concept. 

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(Few, though, seem to have noticed that the ‘debate’ over Person Christmas has caused the unusual situation of Christians coming out all guns blazing to defend the Santa element of Christmas, which they more often decry for removing the focus on Christ.)

So, if you hear about Person Christmas in the coming days, it’s likely pretty safe for you to relax – no one, so far, is seriously suggesting that this should occur. Santa is safe.

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Have you seen Person Christmas mentioned on social media? Did you take it seriously?