Donald Trumps turns wedding crasher on working holiday

Does Donald Trump deserve a break?

United States President Donald Trump is taking a break from the White House, but according to him it’s not a holiday.

He took off for a 17-day trip to his private golf club in central New Jersey on Friday, joined by daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner and their children.

He’s already taken on the role of Granddad, spotted accompanying grandkids Arabella and Joseph off the plane.

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Trump has taken to social media to say he’s busy working, taking calls and planning things. It has included being briefed of the news of the loss of US military lives due to an aircraft crash off the coast of Australia.

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While he’s away from the White House there are renovations underway, including replacement of an old heating and cooling system.

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He’s also make time for social visits, stopping by to ask wedding guests if they were enjoying themselves at the golf club.

One would expect a trip to a golf club would include a round of two, and he’s managed that too, on this working holiday.

However, people were quick to remind him of the times he criticised the former president for playing golf.

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Do you think it is fair to criticise anyone for taking a holiday, president or not?