Donald Trump goes on 'sexist rant' at rally

Donald Trump is at it again.

He was crowned as Time magazine’s Person of the Year this week, but it turns out that wasn’t quite enough for president-elect Donald Trump.

Trump was at a rally in Iowa overnight where he made it clear that he thought the award was rubbish because it was titled ‘Person’ instead of ‘Man’.

Trump has long blasted the so-called PC brigade, saying the people are too scared to say what they really think now in case they accidentally offend someone.

At the rally, he said women wanted the award to be changed back to Man of the Year (which is what it was called up to 1999) despite the fact that this would obviously mean no women could ever be eligible for the award.

“They used to call it ‘Man of the Year’ but they can’t do that anymore so they call it person — they want to be politically correct, that’s OK.”

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He then called for an applause poll, asking the women in the crowd to yell and cheer if they thought it would be better if he was named Man of the Year instead.

Surprisingly to many, they did.

While a huge number of baby boomer women around the world suffered through a male dominated world in their youth and campaigned for more rights, it seems a large number of them now have no problem taking a backseat once again.

Online commenters were split with some saying Trump’s comments prove he is sexist, and others saying he’s just speaking the truth.

“My god he finds the most obscure things to obsess about!!!! Clearly a mixed bag of OCD and bipolar behavior [sic] with a sense of exaggerated narcissism thrown in for flare,” wrote one critic.

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While another said this was the Trump people voted for: “Get over it. Trump won because he is what the people want. Learn to deal with it you PC whiners”.

Do you think Donald Trump is the right man to lead America? Do think he will set back equality and women’s rights?