Do you agree with John Howard's advice on how to achieve a happy and healthy retirement?

John Howard has shared some valuable insight into retirement while at his book launch for his latest novel, The Menzies Era.

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The former Prime Minister is someone who has managed to stay mostly out of the political spotlight since his forth term ended in 2007 lives a seemingly happy and healthy retirement lifestyle from his home in Wollstonecraft, Sydney.

Someone at the book launch asked him, “What is your secret to staying happy and healthy in retirement” and his answer tells us it comes down to three key things…

“Exercise, eating regularly and just doing things.”

A man famous for his morning walks right through his Prime Minister days and at age 75 he is still looking as fit and healthy as ever, we think that his advice can serve us well!

But what do you think? Do you agree with John Howard’s retirement advice? Do you think you live by it already? Tell us in the comments below…