Disgusting abuse of disabled parking spaces goes viral

A beautician from Brisbane has become a champion for disabled people everywhere by shaming drivers who park in the disabled spots in the small shopping centre where she works.

But we’re not just talking about people sneakily parking in a disabled spots, take a look at how completely lazy and disrespectful these drivers are:

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Nicole Tishler, who works in Kingston, Brisbane, has owned her salon for five years and watched as people shamelessly parked in the dedicated disabled spots.

But earlier this month, she decided she’d had enough when this guy, in his expensive car parked across two spots:

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She decided to pull out her phone and post the photo to Facebook, writing, “Check out this loser. Not only one disabled park but two… Then he informed me i was scumbag for taking the photo…”

Nicole told News Limited, “It’s definitely not the first time it’s happened, it’s all the time. But I just thought, I’m going to shame these selfish bastards on Facebook.”


The post has been shared more than 20,000 times on Facebook but, sadly, hasn’t done much to deter people from parking in the disabled spots.

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Here is a recent encounter Nicole had with a young driver who abused her for filming as she returned to her car, which was taking up both spots. Meanwhile, Nicole’s client’s husband was further down the car park, hauling a wheelchair out of the back of his car.

Amazing yet again. we here at CREATIVE EDGE HAIR NAIL AND BODY see this daily . Its about time the council done something

Posted by Nicole Tishler on Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Does this make your blood boil? What should be done about these people who have no respect for the disabled? Has this happened to you or someone you care about?