Disappointment for the Morcombes after campaign fails

They’re two of the most famous faces in Australia due to the family tragedy that captured the attention and the hearts of people around the country, but Bruce and Denise Morcombe have been left sad and disappointed after a second campaign fail.

The couple were raising money through a crowd funding campaign for Where Is Daniel?, a movie about their son’s life but failed to reach their target due to a lack of donations.

The campaign was run of Kickstarter, a site where people can safely donate money to a cause, with the aim of raising $300,000 in 30 days.

Due to the way Kickstarter works, campaign organisers only receive the money if the target has been met, and since the Morcombes only raised $152,000 in the 30 days, they didn’t get a single cent.

A second attempt at the campaign this week didn’t fare much better. Even with a reduced target of $120,000, they only managed to raise $63,225.

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So why aren’t people as willing to donate to Bruce and Denise’s campaign this time?

It’s a questions that is baffling supporters who thought the whole country would rally around the couple and help them make raise the money they needed.

The movie is based on the book by the same name, which was written by Bruce and Denise, and looks at how they dealt with Daniel’s disappearance and the young detective who finally cracked the case and brought their son’s killer to justice.

The Morcombes have worked tirelessly since Daniel went missing to raise awareness and help keep other children safe from suffering the same fate as their son.

Why do you think people failed to get behind the Morcombes this time? Have we lost our sense of charity?